Ab crunches will ruin your sex life!

Ab crunches will ruin your sex life!

Ab crunches will screw up your sex life!  Please stop doing them!  You want the six-pack abs, I know.  But I promise you will not be feeling so sexy when you end up peeing yourself when you sneeze, jump, cough, laugh, or have sex!  Stop.  Educate yourself first before you do any more damage.

Ok, so maybe you don’t have prolapse yet.  But do you suffer from having to go pee more often than normal?  Do you find that your flow stops and starts?  Do you wake up at night to pee?  Women, do you feel pressure or discomfort (especially during sex) in your pelvic area, or have you noticed that your tampons just don’t feel right inside the body? This doesn’t feel very sexy. How about low back pain?  Or a pooch in your lower belly that you just can’t seem to get rid of (that’s your organs being pushed downward by the way).  Do you do tons of kegels but still find things are not as tight as you would want them?  STOP.  If you answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then I’m sorry but you are already at risk.  Use this comprehensive checklist to assess your risk.

How do you increase your risk of pelvic floor dysfunction? Don’t take this blog seriously.  Ignore your symptoms.  Don’t link leaky gut syndrome (consistent bloating and digestive issues) to poor pelvic health.  Do “train” your abdominals the traditional way through crunches, roll ups, and reverse curls.  Do perform intense physical exercise such as jumping jacks, squat jumps, running.  These activities actually break down the tone of your deeper and superficial core muscles.  Did you know that most women and young girls with pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, prolapse) are fitness freaks or gymnasts?  Prolapse is becoming an epidemic and there is now an incredible need for Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and Low Pressure Fitness.  It is NOT ok to look hard and sexy, but pee yourself as a result of it!

Listen, your abdominal muscles are meant to slide and glide, NOT crunch – and especially not over and over again!  Every sit-up, full plank, squat jump, jack, and burpie you do is bringing you closer to the destruction of your pelvic floor!  You may not know that your abs need to be trained as a whole in order to remain healthy and strong against the everyday abdominal pressure we experience (sitting, standing, even walking).  Your pelvic floor, transverse abdominals, and mulitifidus muscles systematically work together.  Training these muscles as individual segments as well as over-training them will lead to a breakdown of the entire core structure.

There IS hope of getting your groove back.  Trust me as I tell you from experience that Low Pressure Fitness (LPF) is a non-traditional functional core training program for women AND men that really works to correct and prevent certain dysfunctions.  Functional core exercise such as LPF relieves the inter-abdominal pressure through breathing and abdominal vacuuming exercises that retrain the entire core to strengthen ECCENTRICALLY.  When muscles are trained eccentrically, they are stronger than when they are trained concentrically (which is why yogis are so strong but don’t necessarily look it).  LPF can help you rock your six pack, but it will also SAFELY:

  • Decrease waist size
  • Improve posture
  • Flatten your abs
  • Improve circulation and respiration
  • Improve athletic performance
  • prepare your body for pregnancy (and recover afterwards)
  • recover your pelvic health
  • improve your abdominal tone
  • improve diastasis recti after childbirth.

I get this is likely a new concept for you.  And it’s ok that you didn’t know that you are hurting yourself in your current training methods.  If you have had any of the symptoms, you are not alone.  I understand your story and can help you because I have lived it myself.  You’re in the right place now.

You CAN lose the pooch in your lower belly.  You deserve to stand tall and feel confident!  Wear that sexy lingerie, girl!  I want you to have the best sex ever!  (Unless the issue is that you’re with the wrong partner – then I can’t help you with that one – sorry.)  What I can do though, is help make things a little more fun “down there” and in the bedroom.

Get your mojo back already!

Contact me to book a consult today.  And don’t worry, I got you.

Live juicy.



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