I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…spiritual symbolism

man falling down from stairs, accident, crosshatched image

Have you ever wondered why we take the odd tumble in our lives? There are several spiritual reasons for this depending on the symbolism of how and where you fall, what body parts are affected, what’s going on in your life at the time, and past issues that resurface for healing. Each experience is completely unique, however, since I have been flat on my back for several days now, and the fact that there are so many variables in falls, it seems fitting and simpler to talk specifically about falling down the stairs.

In general, the most common spiritual reason for most accidents is: The Universe is giving your chakras a much needed shakeup. Why would the Universe do such a thing, you may ask? Well, what if your life decisions are not in alignment with the intentions of your Higher Self? This is a huge deal! Especially in this time of great awakening. Perhaps you are completely off path with your life purpose and the Universe is requesting that you make that change that you already know you need to make and start serving others. Or maybe you are way too overburdened and not taking the time needed for self-care. Are you sprinting through life? Are you flying by the seat of your pants at times? Maybe it’s time to slow down.

So how does this message relate to stairs? Well, let’s start with the basic and simple message of tripping forward going up the stairs. Spiritually, this could possibly mean you really need to start paying attention to what’s happening in your life and start slowing down and choosing more wisely. Perhaps a little discernment in where you are going and who you are going with. I believe this minor mishap occurs more often to people than falling back because even though you don’t always see it, the Universe wants ease and grace for you…unless you are not listening, in which case there may be more severe experiences like falling down the stairs.

If you fall down the stairs going forward, it could mean there are things you need to face or complete that you have been avoiding. Or maybe there are too many options of where to go and your mind is cluttered and confused. What are some of the foundational beliefs you hold that may need to change? It’s best to stop and reassess where you are, what decisions you could possibly make, or what beliefs or patterns to be addressed.

If you fall backwards going up the stairs, it could represent a deep-seeded denial or fear of change, or perhaps an over-whelming feeling that no matter what you try to do to change things or move forward, you just can’t seem to get past things. In this case, I would definitely encourage you to seek some guidance from a spiritual healer or therapist to help you figure out what’s happening, what needs to be healed, and how to move forward.

I was lucky in that the initial fall, although painful and shocking, it could have been worse. I know I have been over-doing it and have neglected taking any time off for self-care. But what took the injuries over the edge was that instead of resting for a few days afterward, I continued to work. In fact, I taught four classes on the day of the injury. And although I took the weekend off work with the intention of resting, I went against my inner knowing and decided to go to the yoga show and walk the floor for hours. I took my rolly bag with me to avoid a back pack, but being preoccupied with my friend and the event, I was mindless of the fact that using the rolly bag for an extended period of time causes tension with external rotation of the spine and the hiking of one hip – not a good combination with an already pre-existing condition. As a result, my injuries progressively got worse from a back injury into a glute and neck issue. I’ve been out for days and now I will be off work longer – likely the Universe’s way to make sure I really “get it” this time. Self-care is health care. Got it.

Listen, when the Universe warns you the first time, just pay attention. You are not invincible, as much as we would all like to be. Our bodies need rest to de-stress and heal. If you remember Edgar Cayce, world renown clairvoyant, he was guided to do only one reading per day in order to live a very long life. But he continued to do multiple readings in a day and eventually passed away at a very early age. Imagine the spiritual impact this magnificent healer could have made on the world if he lived another twenty years? The wisdom he could have shared would have been priceless. The point here it is, we all have something to offer in this world. Whether it’s on a private scale such as to your children or parents, or on a public scale as in the community or on the internet. The scale itself, however, is insignificant. The bottom line is: You are a gift. Your body is a gift. Honour it as your temple, because no one else is going to do it for you.