On Clearing Karma

Over the years I have come across people (me included) who want to clear karma “for good”- and they want to do it NOW!  They get frustrated with learning the same lesson over and over again and have a strong desire to rid themselves of the pain from similar experiences that yield the same lessons.  Yes, it can be painful and draining if you are unable to quickly grasp the tools required to soften the experience.  But, people are mistaken if they believe they can heal their karma permanently in just one lifetime.  For instance, if it were so easy to heal anger or a vow of poverty, would we not be living in the most joyful, peaceful, abundant, and loving world?

Healing occurs in layers, allowing you to break through old patterns and beliefs in ways that are specific to your soul’s growth in that time and space, until new opportunities to heal arrive.  Some issues (perhaps in various degrees or disguised in different ways) arise in which consciousness is ready to transform the next layer.    If you are fortunate enough to work with Higher Sentient
Beings who are able to assist you in your healing, clearing the karmic layers can be done with ease and grace, and it definitely can expedite your journey.  But do not believe for an instant that this is the final layer of your healing.  Who are we to think that we have finally made it to that place?

This is not to be discouraging in anyway.  It is to show that the human ego has so many facets, that to live under the illusion that one can heal all of them in this lifetime is setting oneself up for false hopes (or misunderstandings) of the entire process of soul evolution.  Instead, be grateful that the Universe guides us and supports us in baby steps for healing and discovering who we really are.  Thank God we are not given the responsibility to heal lifetimes of karma in just one life!  Thank God we are not given all our lessons about ill health, poverty, or pride in just one lifetime.  Can you imagine how painful that would be?   Instead, be grateful for that which is brought to the surface is precisely what we are able to deal with on a human level in the exact time and space required, cushioned with the amount of compassion that the Universe deems perfect for just us.  Baby steps.   We are toddlers walking among the angels, being guided through every step of life – teeter-tottering and most times unaware of the support and protection of our “mothers” who anticipate every move we make.  Every step and stumble is another layer of healing and brings us closer to who we really are.

Perhaps in times of frustration, look back and appreciate all the magnificent accomplishments in your healing journey as they pertain to specific themes such as anger, victimhood, or pride etc.  Specifically, look at the experiences that progressively brought you to your “ah-ha” moments, and then look at the ones thereafter – do you not notice that each experience after your “ah-ha” moment became easier than the last?  Do you notice that as you picked up the gifts of each theme, the Universe brought to you newer, but softer, experiences?   Appreciate your diligence in this journey.  You have come very far indeed!   And now that you are “experienced” enough in the same theme, you are miraculously blessed with the knowledge and intuition to sense when the next lesson has arrived; therefore, giving you the ability to move through the experience swiftly and with utmost grace and ease.   Don’t be so quick to condemn the past…or the future.  And please listen carefully as I say this:  Hindsight is an immeasurable gift, given only through experience. In the journey of healing, it is through hindsight that experience moves from painful to meaningful.

Yours in anticipation and appreciation of the next lesson.



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