The Truth About Karma

The Truth About Karma

It is interesting to see how many people use the word “karma” and do not have the knowledge of what it really means.  The third law of motion states: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  (Or, more commonly known as: “what goes around comes around.”) This is the law of karma.  Most people know this.  But what they tie into concept all too often is morality and judgment.  Karma has nothing to do with morality.  Morality is a human concept.  Karma also doesn’t “attack” people based on their perceived negative behaviour.  Karma just IS.  In an effort to heal our karma, we must only come from non-judgment.  Our perceptions of any given situation are not the truth.  Our perception of what we feel is “fair” or “good or bad” comes from our judgments of our past experiences.  They are not based on truth.  Karma does not judge.  And when we judge, we actually create more negative karma, which will need to balanced in this or another lifetime.

What we send out, we bring in.  Our thoughts, actions, and feelings about / towards others all come back to us as an effort to heal them.  Remember that every time we experience a strong emotional response to a situation, we are being shown that it needs to be healed.  For example, and angry person who responds to people / situations with anger will draw to them more experiences of anger.  Hopefully, this person will one day realize that anger is a waste of precious energy and begin the healing process.  (On the other end of the scale, if we show generosity towards others, the more the vacuum of abundance opens up to us.)

Another misconception is that one’s karma is balanced within one’s current lifetime.  Throughout each of our lifetimes, we have a soul purpose in which we have certain lessons to learn or heal.  Each of our physical, emotional, and mental characteristics serves a purpose in our healing journey.  Every person, in every moment in our lives has signed a soul contract with us “on the other side” to teach us lessons and help us heal.  Many of our current situations are results of karma which we created in our past-lives.  For example, someone who lives in constant fear of his or her spouse may have been the perpetrator in a previous lifetime.  (This is not to say that one must remain in a situation of abuse in order to “pay back” their karma.)   New karma we create in this lifetime may be balanced in this lifetime or the next.  Therefore, karma is balanced through all lifetimes.

It is also important to note that although you may come into several incarnations with a specific person in order to heal past karma, you are not tied to the same person in order to heal it.  The Universe is very generous in that it provides us with multiple opportunities to heal.  You may find yourself being tested, repeatedly (with a number of different people), for past lessons until the Universe is sure you “get it.”

In order to heal karma, as in the example of the abusive relationship, one must move into a situation of authentic empowerment (conscious living), first feeling the effects of our past karma but coming from a place of non-judgment and compassion towards the other person.  Then, setting one’s boundaries and breaking free of abuse.  If one falls into victim-hood or becomes angry or seeks vengeance, one ends up creating even more negative karma that will need to be balanced (unconscious living).  Therefore, every experience can be perceived from the eyes of the human, or from the eyes of the soul.  What eyes do you wish to see with?

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