The most rewarding part of the small group class is that there are lots of opportunities for hands-on correction to ensure you have a fulfilling experience. Remember, not all positions in yoga are for you. Let me show you how to fit the pose to your body, instead of fitting your body to the pose.  Wow!

We have a small community building in our classes. This group is very kind and has a terrific sense of humor! You will feel comfortable with this easy-going group. So not only will you participate in the best yoga classes that educate and empower you, but you also connect with other people who are as awesome as you are 🙂


Are you in pain? Do you have specific needs such as to fix your: rounded shoulders, forward head posture, duck feet, pelvic floor issues, anterior tilt of your pelvis etc?  Or do you want to enhance your personal experience of yoga and fitness with this hands-on approach that is geared for you, personally, using:

  • Movement, posture, and core-integration analysis;
  • A distinctive set of exercises, corrective postures / techniques;
  • Hands-on assistance; and
  • Props, tools, and myofascial release to increase mobility and flexibility.

This is a great opportunity for beginners who are just getting their feet wet as well as for individuals who want to enhance their practice. Sessions are private or semi-private.


Contact me to schedule a time to chat about your organization’s needs.